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Terrific news, this afternoon accompanied by a friend I went into a lift, and went down one floor. I am so thrilled to have made it. I was really over the moon. This is something I would never have done prior to my visit to you.
— Fear of Lifts
My IBS used to make my life a real misery whenever I left my home so I decided to try everything to get it fixed. Multiple doctors appointments, tests and medications achieved nothing, so I went to see Alan. He explained to me the real power of the mind and gave me coping mechanisms which have turned my life around. I haven’t had a single incident since I only wish I had seen Alan sooner.
— Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Since our sessions (touch wood) I haven’t had a single panic attack, you are a genius!! Thank you for giving me control back.
— Panic Attacks
Hi Alan I generally feel calmer and more relaxed and happier!! Which is great! I don’t seem to worry so much ! I’m still listening to the audio, I can’t thank you enough you’re a genius . Many thanks!
— Anxiety
Just want to say thank you so much for your help. The flight to Thailand was a breeze, and I have also since flown to Amsterdam with no stress!! You’re a life saver! Looking forward to booking my next adventure
— Fear of Flying
I’d like to say a massive thank you to you. I really enjoyed our session, I felt very comfortable talking with you and found it easy to relax. On the drive home I found that I just felt strangely happy! It kept bringing a smile to my face because I’d just get a ‘burst’ of the feeling. It reads a bit odd but that’s what I found.
Hi Alan, just wanted to update you on my holiday! It was amazing!! I loved every second, didn’t panic, had the best flights I’ve had in years and I even went on an all day boat trip!! There is absolutely no way ever I’d have got on a boat with other people 4 months ago. I can not believe how different I am/feel now compared to before I came to you. It’s a miracle!! Thank you
— Vomiting Phobia