There are three main groups of anxiety.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Worrying about family, money and health, anticipating misfortune and finding daily life extremely stressful and disrupted

Panic Disorder: This sudden overwhelming anxiety can strike without warning and creates a feeling of absolute terror that leaves a deep fear of experiencing another attack.

Social Anxiety Disorder: Anxiety and discomfort when in the company of others, meeting and mixing with people at social occasions.

A personalised programme of Hypnotherapy can help you break free from anxiety and enjoy a happy, worry free life.




We all interpret stress differently. One person may be motivated by work pressure whilst another is overwhelmed.

To help you cope with stress your body releases hormones, but these same chemicals leave many people with feelings of, anger, depression, distrust, headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy can change your reaction to previously stressful situations so that you view them in a calmer, more positive way that helps you to successfully manage your emotions and symptoms.